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I don’t care what hobby you pick as long as you enjoy it. You can enjoy a hobby with any amount of time and money.

I don't care what hobby you pick as long as you enjoy it. There are hundreds of hobbies out there for every budget and any amount of time you have available to enjoy your hobby.

You don't need money to enjoy a hobby, you just need time...

If you have extra money for a hobby then the sky is the limit quite literally, did you ever think about aviation and becoming a pilot?

There are hobbies that you may have overlooked not thinking they are hobbies but they are. For example, blogging, reading, hiking, urban exploring are all hobbies and could make you life more enjoyable.

HOBBY - an activity that you enjoy

An activity that you enjoy is a hobby, no more, no less. Quit making excuses about not having a hobby and get started today. There are no excuses.

Don't think you have enough time to have a hobby? There is always some amount of time you can escape to enjoy your hobby. Have a 30 minute lunch break? You can read a chapter in a book and post to an online book club.

Do you watch television in the morning or in the evening? No - I don't believe you. Yes - That could be a great time to practice and enjoy your hobby.

Watching TV is not a hobby.

Watching feature films could be a hobby but it better be a move you have never seen before and at least a decade old.

There you have it, no more excused to find a hobby...

Right now it is up to you to do some research and find a hobby but I hope to start exploring different hobbies in the near future so please check back so as this website grows.

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